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Jubilee Gardens Healthy Balance Max Shampoo 爵百莉臻均衡洗发露

Jubilee Gardens Max professional salon hair wash and care series creates charming hair for you. Jubilee Gardens Healthy Balance Max Shampoo provides balanced care from scalp to hair, and sparkles hair to stimulate more women's elegance and self-confidence.

Jubilee Gardens MAX专业沙龙洗护发系列,为您打造迷人秀发。爵百莉MAX臻均衡洗发露,从头皮到发丝均衡呵护,秀发闪耀激发更多女性的优雅与自信。

Ingredients and properties 成分和功效:
LAVENDER 薰衣草 - 促进生长 + 防止头皮发痒
MINT 薄荷 – 去除多余皮脂 + 防止头皮屑

Our formula is designed to remove excess sebum from the hair and scalp without leaving it feeling dry. It also helps relief itchy scalp and prevent dandruff. Bringing deep moisture for the roots to the tips of the hair, our Healthy Balance formula is perfect for combination hair. Say goodbye to oily scalps and dry ends with our expert blend!

我们的配方旨在去除头发和头皮上多余的皮脂,并保持头发和头皮的滋润。 它还有助于缓解头皮发痒和防止头皮屑。 健康平衡配方为发根和发梢带来深层滋润,非常适合混合型头发。 用我们的专业混合配方告别油性头皮和干性头皮!

Direction of use 使用方法:

Wet the top of your hair with warm water first. Cold water will stimulate the scalp, while hot water will damage the hair, so warm water is often the best choice. People with long hair can gather all their hair to the top of their head for easy shampoo.

After the hair and scalp are fully moistened, take a proper amount of the shampoo, and apply it evenly to the scalp and hair roots. Then gently rub the hair and scalp to make an all-round spa for the head. This step is mainly to help clean scalp grease, dandruff and other dirt.

After three or five minutes of massage, you can rinse again with warm water. Be sure to rinse the shampoo. After washing with warm water, it can be cleaned again with cold water. Because doing so can help firm the hair roots and consolidate the scalp. And accelerate the hair's absorption of previous nutrients.




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