Our fragrances are very important to our products as they are essential in enhancing consumers enjoyment of our products. We are proud to say the all our fragrances in both Jubilee Gardens and Jubilee Baby are made with all natural ingredients.


我们的香水对我们的产品非常重要,因为它们对于提高消费者对我们产品的享受至关重要。 我们很自豪地说,我们在 Jubilee Gardens 和 Jubilee Baby 中的所有香均采用全天然成分制成。


Do your products contain Plastic Micro Beads?



No. For the sake our precious ocean, none of our formulas contain micro beads.



Do your products contain preservatives?



Preservatives are used to ensure that our personal care products are kept in good condition and that they are not spoiled by various bacteria and yeasts and moulds. The preservatives we use are handpicked by our team of specialists to ensure that they are safe to use and not harmful to the environment.

防腐剂用于确保我们的个人护理产品保持良好状态,并且不会被各种细菌、酵母菌和霉菌损坏。 我们使用的防腐剂由我们的专家团队精心挑选,以确保它们使用安全且对环境无害。


Do your products contain Parabens?



We understand that many consumers prefer to use products without parabens and we are happy to confirm that our products are paraben free.




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