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Jubilee Gardens Moisture Max Ultra-Hydro Hair Masque 爵百莉臻盈润赋活发膜

Jubilee Gardens Max professional salon hair wash and care series creates charming hair for you. Jubilee Gardens Moisture Max Ultra-Hydro Hair Masque a touch of hair, intensive maintenance, the essence of each hair injected into the hair, for instant hair replenishment.

Jubilee Gardens MAX专业沙龙洗护发系列,为您打造迷人秀发。爵百莉MAX臻盈润赋活发膜一抹沁入发丝,密集养护,把精华注入每一根发丝,为秀发瞬间补水。

Ingredients and properties 成分和功效:
SWEET CHERRY 甜樱桃 – 抗氧化+保湿
BLUEBERRY 蓝莓 – 滋养+赋活

With added natural extracts of sweet cherry and blueberry, our formula is designed to provide lasting and deep nourishment to the hair and scalp. They also help strengthen the hair and prevent breakage as well as promoting blood circulation of the scalp. Our formula is perfect for protecting and repairing hair follicles from damage from styling damage. 

添加了甜樱桃和蓝莓的天然提取物,我们的配方旨在为头发和头皮提供持久和深层的营养。 它们还有助于强化头发、防止断裂以及促进头皮的血液循环。 我们的配方非常适合保护和修复毛囊免受造型损伤。

Direction of use 使用方法:

Method one: when wet hair, wash it and squeeze out the excess water on the hair first. If there is too much water, it will affect the harmony between the hair film and the hair. According to the length of hair, pour an appropriate amount of hair film into the palm and knead the hair film with both hands. Wait about 5 minutes and wash with warm water.

Method two: when dry hair is used before shampoo, apply the hair film evenly to the middle and tip of the hair, wrap it with a bath cap or plastic bag, wait for 5-10 minutes, drop the bath cap, wash the hair film with warm water, and then carry out the subsequent steps of shampoo and hair care.

Method three: carefully probe and rub the hair mask from the middle of the hair towards the hair tip, so that the nutrients of the hair mask can quickly penetrate into the hair. After the hair tip is applied, apply the hair film from the middle of the hair to the top of the head. After evenly smearing, wrap your hair with a hot towel for hot steaming. A professional heating cap can also be used, which can make the nutrition of the hair film easier to be absorbed by the hair. Wait about 5 minutes and wash with warm water.




Product specification 产品规格


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