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The most complete guide to the 2022 British Christmas Market: It's time to drink hot red wine and eat German sausages again! ❤ 2022英国圣诞集市最全指南:又到了喝热红酒,吃德国香肠的季节!

This year's Christmas market returns as scheduled~

Larger scale, more surprises

From hot red wine, jishi fruit, sausages and hot dogs

To self produced and self sold festival stalls and amusement facilities

The absolute atmosphere is full, enough for you to play all day!

This year's All England Christmas Market Strategy

Eat, drink and have fun

Come on, Mark, and start eating!


 规模更大 、 惊喜更多 




今年这份 全英圣诞集市攻略 



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● London ●

● 伦敦 ●

Winter Wonderland

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Location Hyde Park, W2 2UH

Time 2022.11.18 - 2023.01.02

From £ 5 (tickets need to be purchased in advance)

Official website link

As one of the largest and most famous Christmas fairs in the UK, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is not a perfect Christmas market!

地点  Hyde Park, W2 2UH

 时间  2022.11.18 - 2023.01.02

 票价  £5起(需提前购票)


作为英国最大最有名的几个圣诞集市之一,海德公园 Winter Wonderland 是多少人的圣诞本命不用颈长强调了:没有Winter Wonderland的圣诞节绝对是不圆满der!

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Winter Wonderland has more than 100 entertainment projects almost every year - Ferris wheel, roller coaster, haunted house, Live Show, skating, ice sculpture exhibition and other large-scale ice and snow activities, and there are many food stalls from all over the world when you are tired of playing! One day is not enough!


Winter Wonderland几乎每一年都会有超过100个娱乐项目——摩天轮、过山车、鬼屋、Live Show,更有溜冰、冰雕展等大型冰雪活动,玩累了还有来自世界各地的超多美食小吃摊!一天根本不够尽兴!

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Southbank CentreWinter Market

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Location The Queen's Walk, SE1 8XX

Time 2022.11.03 - 2023.01.08

The ticket price is free without reservation

Official website link

地点  The Queen's Walk, SE1 8XX

 时间  2022.11.03 - 2023.01.08

 票价  免费,无需预约


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The Southbank Centre Winter Market on the south bank was ready early! As the best Christmas market in London, it is famous for all kinds of food. In addition to the hot red wine, casserole and crepe stalls necessary for Christmas, the restaurant also offers hot milk tea, hot pot, French cuisine and other international food!

Every year, the neck length likes to eat in the Jimmy Lodge Snow Globes crystal ball on the south bank. While enjoying delicious food, he can enjoy the scenery of the south bank in winter and enjoy the ultimate romantic London night.

位于南岸的 Southbank Centre Winter Market 早早就准备好了!作为伦敦最好吃的圣诞集市,这里以各种各样的美食著名,除了圣诞必备的热红酒、吉事果、可丽饼摊位外,餐厅还提供热奶茶、火锅、法式菜肴等国际美食哦!

每年最喜欢的就是在南岸边的Jimmy Lodge Snow Globes水晶球里用餐,享受美食的同时,欣赏冬季南岸风景,享受极致浪漫的伦敦夜晚。

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