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art is integrated into nature ❤ 艺术融入自然


"Every morning, I will open the small fence. When the fragrance of flowers and laughter flow into the room, I know that new friends are coming“

After the beginning of summer, my body always wakes up early in the morning.

Once, when I was sleepy at 4 a.m., an inspiration in my mind was to go to the garden to see if my flowers woke up.



有一次,当我凌晨 4 点昏昏欲睡时,我脑海中的一个灵感是去花园看看我的花是否醒了。


Then, I thought of Kawabata Yasunari's "watching Begonia flowers awake at four o'clock in the morning". For a time, I was funny and angry at myself. Many flowers didn't sleep at night. I compared people's biological clock, which was really "Crazy".

然后,我想到了川端康成的“凌晨四点看海棠花”。 有一段时间,我很有趣,也很生自己的气。 许多花一夜没睡。 我对比了人的生物钟,真是“疯了”。


In late spring and early summer, the focus of the garden is Zhiying path.

This graded broken flower road is made for my daughter's dimple. There are 16 Tingbu stones and 5 varieties of Zhiying.


这条分级碎花路是为我女儿的酒窝做的。 有亭布石16个,智英5个品种。


When the flower path just grew, I took her to see it. She stepped on it carefully and said, "the flower path is so beautiful, thank you, mom."

花径刚长出来的时候,我带她去看了看。 她小心地踩在上面,说:“花路好美,谢谢妈妈。”

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