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Kate performed brilliantly ❤ 凯特表现夺目



Yesterday, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa paid a two-day state visit to Britain. This is the first state visit that Charles III received foreign guests as a monarch after the death of the Queen, and it is also the first state visit that Britain has received since the epidemic.

In Buckingham's state banquet speech, King Charles said hello to the guests in several local languages of South Africa, which made the President of South Africa very happy. Charles also admitted that the history of Britain and South Africa "caused deep sorrow".

昨天,南非总统西里尔·拉马福萨 (Cyril Ramaphosa) 到访英国开展为期两天的国事访问。这是女王去世后查尔斯三世首次以君主身份接待外宾的国事访问,也是疫情以来英国接待的第一场国事访问。


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Queen Camilla wore a blue dress and the sapphire crown of George VI left by the Queen. She was very elegant.

But the most eye-catching one was Princess Kate. She wore a white dress with a poncho and jewels made by her favorite designer Jenny Packham, and the crown left by Queen Mary.

王后卡米拉穿着一件蓝色长裙,带着女王留下来的乔治六世蓝宝石王冠,非常优雅。但全场最夺目的还是凯特王妃。她身着她最喜欢的设计师珍妮·帕克汉 (Jenny Packham) 定制的镶有宝石的带小披风的白色连衣裙,戴着玛丽王后留下来的王冠。

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This crown is a wedding gift for Princess Diana, and is Princess Diana's favorite. Kate not only chose Princess Diana's favorite crown, but also matched the diamond pearl pendant earrings that Princess Diana used.

This amazing look reminds people of the appearance of her late mother-in-law Princess Diana during her official visit to Hong Kong in 1989.

这王冠是送给戴安娜王妃的结婚礼物,是戴安娜王妃的最爱。凯特不但王冠选择了戴安娜王妃的最爱,连搭配的钻石珍珠吊坠耳环也是当年戴安娜王妃所用的。这令人惊艳的造型不禁让人想起她已故的婆婆戴安娜王妃 1989 年对香港进行正式访问时的造型。




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