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The North terrace garden ❤ 北露台花园

The owner of the garden, French Rose, is a young literary girl who likes planting flowers, groceries and DIY by hand. She has a 12 ㎡ terrace garden.

花园的主人法国玫瑰是一位年轻的文艺少女,喜欢种花、买杂货和手工DIY。 她有一个12㎡的露台花园。


She likes nature, leisure life, small scenes of groceries, and the laziness of rose country style, so she named her garden "Rose Garden".

Composting, seedling raising and sowing, learning while practicing, full of talent, not enough to play. The plan is to realize a big yard in three or five years. Let's work hard together for life.


堆肥,育苗播种,边学边练,才华横溢,玩不完。 计划是在三五年内实现一个大院子。 让我们一起为生活而努力。


Playing gardening is like walking into a forest. The deeper you go, the more you feel that the knowledge you need to learn and others are endless.

玩园艺就像走进森林。 越深入,越觉得自己需要学习的知识和其他人是无穷无尽的。


The formal contact with gardening should have started with moving to a new home and having a small balcony 5-6 years ago. I joined the group of hard gardeners and saw the dazzling gardens of Dajia. Only then did I know that planting flowers is not only something that can be done when I am old.

与园艺的正式接触应该从5-6年前搬到新家并拥有一个小阳台开始。 我加入了辛勤的园丁队伍,看到了大甲耀眼的花园。 直到那时我才知道,种花不仅仅是我老了才能做的事情。


The answer to sticking to being a garden for a long time is not so complicated. In this noisy world, I like to watch a flower bloom quietly, just like squatting on the ground all day and watching ants move.

From then on, "as soon as you enter a rich family, it is like the sea". Buying flowers, groceries, books and houses... Fell into a hand cutting cycle of buying.

长期坚持做花园的答案并没有那么复杂。 在这个喧嚣的世界里,我喜欢静静地看一朵花盛开,就像整天蹲在地上看蚂蚁动。

从此,“一进豪门,如海”。 买花、买杂货、买书、买房子……陷入了手工切割的购买循环。


Yes, I bought a house and played on the small balcony for more than 4 years. I can't meet the restless heart of planting flowers. How can I do without sunshine and rain? I changed such a house with a small terrace.

Whether you are a small balcony or terrace, come to a small grocery garden, plant green flowers, and create a light horticultural life!

是的,我买了房子,在小阳台上玩了4年多。 无法满足种花的躁动之心。 没有阳光和雨水,我怎么办? 我换了这样一个带小露台的房子。


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