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What are Britain’s national treasures? ❤ 英国的国宝动物

When it comes to the national treasure of Britain, it is the red-breasted robin.



Red-breasted robin (scientific name: Erithacus rubecula melophilus), also known as red-breasted bird and robin; is a British subspecies of Eurasian robin. The body is about 15 cm long, the head is gray-black, the face to the chest is reddish orange, the lower abdomen is white, and the upper part of the wings and tail is brown, green and olive. The beak is tapered, and the base of the beak is dark brown. Bright black eyes, delicate legs and light brown claws.

红胸鸲(学名:Erithacus rubecula melophilus),又叫红襟鸟、知更雀;是欧亚鸲的英国亚种。体长约15厘米,头部灰黑色,脸部至胸部红橙色,下腹部白色,翅膀和尾巴的上半部是棕绿橄榄色。锥形的鸟喙,喙基暗棕色。明亮的黑眼睛,细巧的腿和浅棕色的爪。


Warlike sex, likes to be active in woodlands, shrubs, forests, parks and gardens. The call is like a flute, and it screams from morning to evening, even at night during the breeding season. It mainly preys on insects and also pecks on fruits. The British love the red-breasted robin very much, and they especially worship the male red-breasted robin's instinct to inspect and defend the territory it has established, calling it the "bird of God." In 1960, he was elected as the national bird in the United Kingdom through a referendum.



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