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Jubilee Gardens Peony & Rose Mallow Botonic Body Lotion 爵百莉英伦芍药护理滋养润肤乳

In addition to their beautiful and unique scent, peony and rose mallow also help moisturize and brighten dry and dull skin. Suitable for everyday use, our body lotion leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft with a delicate fragrance. Peony extract helps tighten the skin and avoiding sagging skin caused by dry weather. Rose mallow extracts from helps protects the skin from dullness and relieves dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.


Ingredients and properties 成分和功效:
PEONY 芍药-洁净+舒缓
ROSE MALLOW 洛神锦葵-滋养+对抗暗哑

Prevent your skin against aging and dullness. Our fragrant formula of Peony and Rose Mallow is exquisitely blend to enhance the two plants’ anti-oxidant properties and its ability to improve the skin dullness and by locking moisture and nourishment into the skin. Embrace the youthful glow on your skin the help of our skin-toning botanic blend.


Direction of use 使用方法:

Wet the skin with warm water. Do not apply shower gel directly onto dry skin, as this may weaken the cleaning effect of shower gel. It is best to use a foaming tool to work the shower gel into a lather before apply it to the body. Suitable for daily use.

在皮肤上轻轻按摩。 最佳效果是淋浴后用毛巾轻轻拍干皮肤,然后将润肤乳按摩于湿润的皮肤上。 适合日常使用。

Product specification 产品规格


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