Jubilee Baby +2 Chamomile & Honey Shampoo 爵百莉英儿洋甘菊蜂蜜润护洗发露

Containing the antibacterial and nourishing properties of chamomile and honey, our shampoo gently cleanses your baby's hair while nourishing the scalp, leaving the hair feeling soft and tangle-free. Our tear-free formula is safe to use.


Ingredients and properties 成分和功效:

Our Chamomile & Honey formula is expertly blend to help nourish and protect your baby’s skin. With natural chamomile extracts, known for its anti-bacterial properties, it will help defend your baby’s skins against allergies and infections. Honey is renowned for its moisture-locking qualities; which helps your baby’s skin retain precious moisture, keeping it feeling smooth and soft.



Direction of use 使用方法:

It is best to prepare the bath and all other items you may need before giving baby a bath: two clean towels, rattles (which can divert your baby's attention when the baby is crying), baby shampoo, etc. JUBILEE BABY’s tearless formula can help avoid any discomfort if the lather accidentally enter the baby’s eyes.

Hold the baby and take off the baby's clothes and wrap him in a towel to prevent the baby from wiggling too much. Place your baby’s legs between your arms and your body so that you can place the baby securely in your arm. Hold your baby's back with your forearms, and baby's head and neck with your palms, and place his head on top of the bathtub. You may also put on some relaxing music in advance.

准备好用品打好水并调好水温,准备两块干净的毛巾、摇铃(宝宝哭闹时可转移宝宝的注意力)、婴儿洗发液等。 建议选择爵百莉英儿宝宝无泪洗发液,让小宝宝不会因为不适而会哭闹。 

抱好宝宝脱去宝宝的衣服,把他包在毛巾中,以防宝宝手脚乱动。将宝宝的腿放在你手臂和身体间,这样可用腋窝夹紧他。 用前臂托住宝宝的背部,手掌托住宝宝的头颈,将他的头置于澡盆的上方。可提前放上音乐,可以使宝宝更加高兴地配合你的工作。 



Product specification 产品规格


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